Ways to Cure Anxiety Attack - 4 Foolproof Methods You Should Know About
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Ways to Cure Anxiety Attack - 4 Foolproof Methods You Should Know About

There are many ways to cure anxiety attack. Many have tried and found that alternative medications and treatments are much more effective than the most doctor-prescribed methods. In fact, it is an accepted fact that modern medicine cannot cure anxiety, but only treat its symptoms as they occur. This is the reason why more and more people are inclined to try out the alternative methods available. Here are some of the most popular based on their success in curing anxiety and panic attacks.

There is no denying that panic attacks are frightening, disrupting and often extremely frustrating. You know that the fear building up within you is illogical, yet you are helpless to control it. Out of desperation, many people opt for medical treatment for anxiety even though there is no absolute cure through allopathic medication; these treat only the symptoms, but not provide a complete cure.

Alternative Ways To Cure Anxiety Attack Are Best

There are many simple yet very effective techniques that can ensure that you are rid of these anxiety and panic attacks effortlessly. Here are 4 top solutions that are known to cure anxiety effectively:

1. Hit The Gym - in time you will come to recognize the tiny signals that announce that an anxiety attack is building up. Before it develops into a full blown case, go to the gym and start exercising. Among all exercises, lifting weights is the best thing to prevent an axniety attack. It is recommended however, not to rush into any type of exercise - especially weight lifting, which is very strenuous - without consulting your medical practitioner. Once you have a green signal from your doctor, contact your gym trainer and plan out a simple workout that includes weight lifting. You will find that this is one of the best ways to cure anxiety attack. If you do not have access to a personal trainer, look up the Internet; there are plenty of guides that would help you learn how to manage anxiety with exercise.

2. Learn To Relax With Breathing Exercises - meditation always starts with breathing exercises, which is one of the most useful relaxation techniques. Exercises such as 'Pranayama' are an excellent way to prevent an anxiety attack. In fact, weight lifting is beneficial especially for the fact that you would need to learn to control your breathing through the exercise. This is why you need to learn all about weight lifting BEFORE you start doing it. You can get hurt quite bad if you do not know how to breathe correctly while lifting weights.

3. Ayurvedic Massage To Cure Anxiety - one of the most enjoyable ways to cure anxiety attack is with Ayurvedic massages. In this method you're advised to use sesame seeds oil for a full body massage in the morning before you take your shower and once again in the night before you retire to bed. The massage usually takes about 20-30 minutes and helps relaxing each muscle in your body and with it you mind as well. This works even better if instead of a shower for your bath, you soak for 10-15 minutes in a bathtub with lukewarm water to which a few drops of ginger essential oil and a few tablespoons of baking soda are added.

4. Ayurvedic Drinks That Will Get You Rid Of Anxiety - mix the juice of one medium size orange with honey and a pinch of nutmeg and drink early in the morning on empty stomach. Have this drink any time you feel an anxiety attack building up. This is one of the very effective ways to cure anxiety attack. Alternatively, you can make a glass of almond milk to which 1-2 teaspoon of honey and a pinch each of nutmeg and saffron are added. Be careful not to consume any spicy food during the time you use Ayurvedic treatment or it will be ineffective. You also need to avoid coffee, tobacco and alcohol.

Choose any of the above ways to cure anxiety attack or a combination of your choice and you will find that anxiety will become a thing of the past.

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