How To Manage Perimenopause Facial Bloat
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How To Manage Perimenopause Facial Bloat

Perimenopause Facial Bloat is not a disease, but a condition a woman experience during her menopause period.

Perimenopause, which is but the transition period experienced by women before menopause, produces various irregularities, as in the case of perimenopausal facial bloat. There are other complications like mood swing, hot flush and unconditional irritations that get experienced by women going through the perimenopause stage. Perimenopause generally starts as when a woman reaches the mid-40 range, and the most important of psychological changes produced during this period is the fluctuating levels related to hormones, particularly the progesterone and estrogen.

As when a woman ages and enters the perimenopause stage, she goes through the feeling of bloating before and after the menstrual cycle, as in the case of perimenopausal facial bloat. This is the result of perimenopausal bloating, which is but a sign is shown by the woman’s body pertaining to changes, and is also an indication of the dropping pertaining to hormone levels. The perimenopausal facial bloat results owing to decreasing levels related to progesterone, which is nothing but water retention experienced by the body, as it paves way for the perimenopausal bloating.

As in the case of perimenopausal face bloat, there is no absolute cure, and the perimenopausal face bloat can only be managed. The ideal measure that needs to be put in place as when a woman is experiencing perimenopausal face bloat is the change that ought to be made to the diet. When the woman is going though perimenopause, as she also experiences perimenopausal face bloat, putting a stop to food varieties filled with sodium as well as soda must be embraced by the woman without any delay. The woman experiencing perimenopausal face bloat also should make it a point to stick to a low carbohydrate diet, which is an ideal way to manage the perimenopause bloating.

Also, a woman under the transition period of perimenopause and who is also experiencing various changes as in the case of perimenopausal face bloat must make sure to drink water in copious quantities. When the affected individual starts drinking more water, it helps in the reduction of water that gets retained by the body. Most importantly, the woman who witnesses a lot of changes owing to perimenopause stage, as in the like of the perimenopausal face bloat, should embrace good exercising regimen and should never fail to work up good sweat during the exercising period.

The regular exercises done during the perimenopause stage proves to be an idyllic measure to bring down the water retention of the body. A woman with a perimenopausal face bloat can adopt these measures to manage the perimenopause bloating, and can reduce the bloating process.



It cannot be stressed enough that a change in diet is very important. Limiting salt is a necessity, since salty foods does cause water retention and bloating, as our bodies change at this time, our diet’s need to change.

It is not only the added salt that some might use, it is also the foods that we eat. There is so much sodium in our food that you might be surprised at just how much sodium is in our foods.

Fast food is loaded with salt and sodium. Microwave food is loaded with sodium and simple foods like soups are also loaded with sodium. It is important to read ingredients, and keep the sodium level low, even buying low sodium products is very helpful. And there are many low sodium products available today, thankfully.

Cooking your own food is extremely helpful in keeping the sodium level lower. This can sure help you control your diet and weight down. Not to mention, by cooking your own food, you can control the ingredients in your food and be healthier.

Exercise also helps. Sweating is very helpful in getting rid of salt, toxins and excess weight. Something as simple as just walking can help. An exercise bike can really help boost your metabolism.

This can be a disturbing or even a frightening time of life for women, but there is no need to become depressed. Just by paying attention to your diet and exercise, every woman can overcome this time of life. In fact, you might even feel better than you have ever felt by cooking your own food, watching ingredients and a little bit of exercise.

These simple suggestions can keep the face and stomach bloating to a minimum and help you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle at this time and moving forward.

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