How Long Can a Person Live Without Eating?
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How Long Can a Person Live Without Eating?

How long can a person live without eating?

The food industry is probably one of the most profitable industries at the moment. There are a variety of food available - from fast food, food, nutritional, gourmet dishes - the list goes on. People love the food because it is necessary for survival, and that we need to eat anyway, the process can be more interesting through innovation.

However, there are many people who stopped eating for various reasons. Some choose not to eat for days for religious reasons. And there are still others who do so because of vanity. Still others would like to try fasting just out of curiosity. Therefore, given the fact that food is vital for survival, how long a person can go without food? Although it generally varies from person to person, the average length of time a person can survive without Food is about 3 weeks.

The longest verifiable record of a person survives without food is 70 days.

And there is a special case of an Indian (Prahlad Jani) who has not eaten for 70 years!

Read on to find out how long a person can survive without food.

How long a person can survive without food

The factors that control how much time a person can go without food.

There are five main factors that determine how long a person can go without food. Apart from these five main factors, there are other factors such as metabolic rate, body fat of the person, the muscles and the amount of work a person does in fasting.

1. General health

The health of a person is an important factor that determines how long it can go without food. A person suffering from complications such as hypertension, hyperglycemia and autoimmune diseases can not last more than a week. In some cases, complications may begin to ask themselves the same day of fasting.

2. Weight when fasting begins

Here's a point where obesity may actually help a person survive. Given the same conditions and overall ratio of health, an obese person can survive more than a person of normal weight without eating for several days. This is because the body has a large amount of stored fat to use for survival.

3. Amount of fluid intake

Water is the source of life when it comes to survival without food. This is because a person can survive without food for several days, but if it is accompanied by lack of water, it is very difficult for the person to continue living. They can pass through for a few days.

4. Mental desire to live

The mind much influences on how well (or poorly) the body can function. A person, who has no motivation to live, grows many physiological complications even without fasting. Therefore, a fasting person who does not wish to live will not be able to survive more than a few days.

5. Environment

Survive without food in the desert is very different to survive without food in a place with better environmental factor. Hot climates can dehydrate a person easily and can also minimize the energy levels. This makes it harder for the body to withstand the lack of food. In this case, a person may not be able to do so beyond a week. The same applies to very cold temperatures because the body will burn more energy to produce heat for survival.

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Well I have to review my article - "fasting, not starvation", great piece here Natasha.

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