Facts About Sneezing
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Facts About Sneezing

The rhythm of your heart may change but it will not stop when you sneeze.

Your eyes won't pop out of your head when you sneeze. While a person's blood pressure behind the eye may go up a little it isn't enough force to dislodge the eye from the head. And what about the folklore that says if your cat sneezes it is going to rain or if you sneeze company is coming. And the after sneeze blessing comes from the ancient belief that sneezing is the near-death experience, and that a blessing will prevent the soul from escaping your body and the devil from entering.

And though those things are not true regarding sneezing there are many interesting facts that are.

Sneezing starts in the nerves and the path is slightly different from person to person although the nervous system is wired basically the same. Sneezing actually helps us stay healthy and sniffle free. It is an important part of the immune process. When something enters your nose sneezing protects your body by cleaning the nose of bacteria and viruses. Sneezing can send 100,000 germs into the air and they travel at 100 miles an hour.

After over-exerting in a work out you may experience a sneeze due to hyperventilating and the drying of your mouth and nose. Plucking your eyebrows may also make you sneeze because it can set off the nerves in your face that supplies your nasal passages.

One out of three people may sneeze when out in the sun. Light sensitivity is a inherited trait.

Did you know that the greek word for sneezing is "pneuma" or "soul or spirit"?

The longest sneezing spree on record is 978 days set by Donna Griffith in Worcestershire, England.

Though it is not foolproof it is said that if you breath through your mouth and pinch the end of your nose you may prevent a sneeze.

The rhythm of your heart may change but it will not stop when you sneeze.

The iguana sneezes more often and more productively than any other animal. Their digestive process has a byproduct of certain salts that it rids its body of through sneezing.

It seems that in some people the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system fires off signals not only for sexual enjoyment but to sneeze when it is over.

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