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When people think of the words “eating disorder” they may think of anorexia and bulimia. Did you know that binge eating disorder (BED)also known as compulsive eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in the United States? Binge eating disorder is a newly recognized eating disorder according to WebMD. BED affects 3.5% of females and 2% of males.
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India is facing an acute organ transplantation crisis: an acute imbalance between the number of organs donated and the number of Indians waiting for an organ donation means hundreds of Indians die needlessly awaiting an organ transplant.Cultural traditions and rigid social mindsets are difficult obstacles to overcome and paint a bleak picture for the future of organ transplantation in India.
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Osteoporosis is a disease with many risk factors. It can be treated with a variety of treaments like medications such as Boniva, Reclast, and Evista, hormones and even minerals. Several simple ways exist to prevent its occurrence including regular exercise, exposure to sunlight and a diet with good amounts of calcium.
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There are many different types of anxiety disorders, and general anxiety disorder symptoms may be present in them all. These symptoms include; rapid heartbeat (heart palpitations), excessive trembling and sweating, nausea and dizziness, chest pains and headaches, weakness in the limbs and muscle tension. However, there are also additional symptoms which may be experienced for specific anxiety disorders.
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Generalised anxiety disorder is a condition which can rob a person of their quality of life, affecting personal relationships, careers and normal social functioning. It can take a person considerable courage to both, accept they may have generalised anxiety disorder, and actively seek professional help. However, by seeking help, many people with generalised anxiety disorder receive beneficial treatment and learn how to overcome or manage it, greatly improving their quality of life.
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When a man becomes suddenly and permanently disabled, it seems almost incomprehensible. What does this mean? What will we do? How can we fix this? Shock is the immediate reaction when a man and his family are faced with sudden disability. As the possibilities of rehabilitation and recovery are exhausted, the permanence of disability begins to sink in, and shock is replaced by grief.
Published by Judith Barton 63 months ago in Health Conditions | +5 votes | 0 comments
More and more people are Experiencing Depressive Symptoms nowadays. While it is a medical condition, it can just as often be a case of "the blues" Try Pursuing These Depression Relief Tips before running off to your doctor and going on potentially addictive anti depressant medication which could lead to a lifelong dependance!
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Inflammation is bad for our health. It can cause many health problems and diseases. There are many ways by which you can reduce inflammation. You can reduce inflammation by changing your diet and lifestyle. Herbs, fruits and vegetables are very effective to reduce the inflammation. Know more about inflammation and ways to reduce inflammation.
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There are many ways to cure anxiety attack. Many have tried and found that alternative medications and treatments are much more effective than the most doctor-prescribed methods. In fact, it is an accepted fact that modern medicine cannot cure anxiety, but only treat its symptoms as they occur. This is the reason why more and more people are inclined to try out the alternative methods available. Here are some of the most popular based on their success in curing anxiety and panic attacks.
Published by swapna harrison 64 months ago in Health Conditions | +1 votes | 0 comments
Ten million people or more experienced sinusitis. It is important to identify sinusitis and its common symptoms, causes, and types in order to provide appropriate treatment. Different types of sinusitis require specific approach. Recommended dosage of medication must follow at all times to attain desired results. It is also vital to complete the treatment to avoid recurrent sinusitis.
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Autism was known as a rare disorder before the 1990s. Now it has skyrocketed to 1 in 88 children being born with it daily. Learn ways that could decrease this number that are as simple as changing things you eat. It has been proven that what we put in our bodies and into our children can decrease the risk of autism.
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Opalescent red cheeks are symptoms of the infection in children which is titled 'Slapped Cheek disease' or 'Fifth disease'. It is a mild, flu-like illness, which gets better on its own in a few days. Slapped Cheek syndrome is a viral infection that is most commonly institute in children, thougn it can relate adults as cured. Other names of slapped cheek syndrome are fifth disease or erythema infectiosum, slapcheek, slap face or slapped face. In Japan the disease is called 'apple sickness' or ...
Published by Amera Khanam 65 months ago in Health Conditions | +10 votes | 0 comments
As we enter the summer season, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFM) is hitting the United States hard. Outbreaks in the United States historically occur during the summer and autumn months. While the disease normally is found in children under five years of age and infants, it can occur in adults and recently has been doing so in staggering numbers. The disease is most recognized by its fever, mouth sores and skin rashes.
Published by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman 66 months ago in Health Conditions | +4 votes | 0 comments
Pennsylvania has already reported the earliest detection of a West Nile virus-carrying mosquito since testing began in 2000. Other states are reporting instances as well. Certain mosquito species - although not all - carry the virus that can cause humans to contract West Nile encephalitis, an infection that can result in inflammation of the brain. Without a vaccine, the best defense is prevention. These tips will help you reduce your exposure and therefore your risk of contracting West Nile Viru...
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Anxiety in everyday situations causes stress and robs your life of zest and joy. Take time to insulate yourself against this by practicing some common sense preventatives: Research your situation, practice deep breathing, talk to a friend, repeat self affirming statements, use mental rehearsal. Repeat these steps often, and learn to view life with humor.
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