Ageusia and Hypogeusia (Loss of Taste)
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Ageusia and Hypogeusia (Loss of Taste)

Causes of loss of taste

What causes loss of taste?

The state, in which a person is unable to get any taste while eating, is called "taste loss" or ageusia.

There are some people who are not completely devoid of sense of taste. It is their ability to taste on a reduced basis. This condition is called "hypogeusia."

It is also found that some have difficulty in detecting any particular flavor base. For example, some cannot detect sweet, bitter or sour taste in a dish; and when asked how the food tastes like, they report a total loss in taste. We can understand now loss of taste can occur in several variants.

This article contains some major causes of loss of taste. It should be noted that while most of these causes are temporary, some of them could cause permanent loss of taste.

In addition, studies have shown that the loss of taste has led to the loss of smell in 80% of patients. In such a case, see your doctor instantly, and take his advice to know the exact cause of the loss of taste, and try to find a solution.

Common Causes of Loss of Taste

  • Such conditions as colds,
  • Diseases of the gums and teeth,
  • Allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Head trauma
  • An infection of the tongue
  • Tonsil disorders
  • Abnormal upper respiratory problems and
  • Sinus and nose nasal polyps lead to a loss of taste

However, these are temporary conditions and once the disease is cured, you regain your sense of taste.

Other cause of loss of taste include:

  • Medical conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and brain tumor can cause loss of taste and status may be extended.
  • If your daily diet is deficient in some essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, folic acid and zinc, you may experience a loss of taste. So, include fish, meat and brown rice in your diet. These foods are rich in vitamin B12. Nuts contain large amounts of zinc. Spinach is a rich source of folic acid.
  • If you have some sort of fungal infection in your tongue, also known as thrush or yeast infections, it can cause loss of taste. Even a type of mouth infection, called glossitis, may cause disturbance in taste.
  • If you happen to have an ear infection or just undergone surgery of the ear, your sense of taste may be affected. This is because one of the main nerves of your taste buds travel near the ear.
  • If you smoke many cigarettes, or maintain a poor oral hygiene or suffering from a dental problem, you are likely to experience loss of taste. Antibiotics and other drugs, and radiation to treat cancer of the head or neck can cause loss of taste.
  • Exposure to chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides leads to loss of taste, which makes a person unable to detect any taste whatsoever.
  • In addition to the above causes, aging is a common factor for stimulating the loss of taste. With age, the nerves that control the sensation of a person of taste and smell begin to degenerate slowly. Beginning after age 30, when a person is over 70 years, he has trouble in distinguishing between the basic tastes.
  • There are some unfortunate people who are born with the inability to smell. This condition is known as "congenital anosmia" and sufferers are more likely to be deprived of smell as well.

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Willi R. B.

Was depresssed. Dr. put me on Zoloft. Last ability to taste and food taste like cardboard. Very naused as well. Any suggestions. Dr. so far unable to help me.