A Multiple Sclerosis Caregiver View - Rebif Auto Injector
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A Multiple Sclerosis Caregiver View - Rebif Auto Injector

Instructions for using the Multiple Sclerosis inject-able drug Rebif with its auto injector called the Rebiject II.

Along with the Welcome to Rebif(R) kit that we received from the manufacturer, EMD Serono Pfizer Pharmaceutical, came a contraption called the Rejiject II (TM). Fortunately the maker of Rebif(R) does not let you go it alone and as we awaited our personal nurse's arrival, we looked through the Welcome Kit and wondered what awaited us.

For her arrival, she took time with us to answer any questions we may have before we inspected the kit together. The Rebiject II came in a box that contained a plastic case with a three piece puzzle to put together after the instructions were patiently given.

The prefilled syringes containing the Rebif(R) (interferon beta-1a) in the dosage prescribed are required to use the Rebiject II autoinjector. No other drug is designed for the Rebiject II autoinjector and should not be used for any other purpose but to inject Rebif(R).

Strict safety and antiseptic precautions must be taken before using the Rebiject II autoinjector.It is not to be stored with an empty syringe, not to be pointed at oneself or others while loading the syringe, and always must be kept out of the reach of children.

It is the utmost importance to contact your doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider or call the toll free (877) 447-3243 phone number for MS Lifelines (TM) if you have a problem with the Rebiject II autoinjector.

One benefit of using the Rebiject autoinjector is that you can adjust the depth of the injection from 6 milimeters, to 8 milimeters to the full length of the needle at 10 milimeters which is 3/8 of an inch or less.

The three injector parts are as follows from smallest to largest; The Needle Cap Remover (ours came with an extra cap remover), the middle part has a smaller green part that is the Needle Depth Adjuster connected to the gray larger part that is the Syringe Housing. The largest part is the green Injector Mechanism that contains; the yellow Device Plunger, the Release Mechanism, the Indicator Window, the green Injector Body, and the green Injector Button.

The directions after familiarizing ourselves with the parts of the Rebiject II are;

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Check that the gray Needle Cap Remober is completely attached the the end of the Needle Depth Adjuster.

3. Hold the Syringe Housing firmly on a flat hard surface. Align dark yellow round end of the Device Plunger to the gray Needle Cap Remover. Push the Injector Body down to move the Release Mechanism inside the Injector Body until it will go no further and a click is heard. Remove Syringe Housing from Injector Body.

4. Adjust the autoinjector to preset the depth of the injection; >>> is 10 milimeters, >> is 8 milimeters and > is the lowest setting or 6 milimeters.

5. Prepare your Rebif(R) dose as directed by your doctor. Do not remove needle cap.

6. Hold Syringe Housing firmly on a flat surface. Insert Rebif(R) syringe needle cap end first into Syringe Housing. With gently but firm pressure guide syringe down into the Syringe Housing until up to 1-3 clicks are heard locking the syringe in the Syringe Housing.

7. Screw the syringe Housing containing the syringe and the Injector Body together.

8. Pull the Needle Cap Remover from Syringe Housing to remobe the needle cap from the syringe and dispose of the needle cap.

9. Prepare injection site according to instructions. Place the Rebiject II autoinjector against skin so that the Indicator Window can be seen. Apply slight pressure downward so the Injector Body moves towards the Syringe Housing allowing the safety lock to release so the Release Button can be pressed.

10. Continue to apply pressure on the Injector Body. Hold the Rebiject II autoinjector in place and press Release Button and continue to hold for at least 10 seconds and the contents will be automatically injected.

11. When injection is completed, a series of black lines will appear in the window.

12. Withdraw the Rebiject II from the skin. Our nurse directed us to clean skin with a cotton ball and continue to rub the injection site for about two minutes with the cotton ball to help the injection flow through the body faster.

13. Unscrew the Syringe Housing from the Injector Body. Remove the syringe from the housing and dispose of  properly in a biohazard container.

14. Re-attach the Needle Cap Remover and Needle Depth Adjuster and store the device in its case.

Although I am not a nurse, I am a diabetic and inject myself on a daily basis. With my familiarlarity with injections, I chose not to use the Rebiject II at this time. Being an arthritis sufferer, it time comes that I have a problem with the injections via the syringe, I may choose to go through the steps necessary to use the Rebiject II. I appreciate the choices we have with Rebif(R) and the continued help we receive from EMD Serono Pfizer.

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Yhanks for sharing this, Diane.

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