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As Compact Fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are becoming common, more people are finding they feel sick near them. There seems to be more health risks than just the mercury in these CFL bulbs.
Published by Sam Montana 104 months ago in Health Conditions | +27 votes | 18 comments
Keeping our gallbladder free of gallstones. Avoiding gallstones by eating right diet
Published by Aileen P. N. 104 months ago in Health Conditions | +7 votes | 4 comments
Flowers are good sources of ornamental plants making the garden beautiful but behind those glorious facade lies a poison. Poisonous flowers could be deadly when ingested accidentally both dangerous to humans and animals.
Published by Aileen Tecson 107 months ago in Health Conditions | +13 votes | 9 comments
Lead poisoning refers to high levels of lead in the body and has been a problem throughout human history. While iron is vital to the body, extra high levels are associated with a condition known as hemochromatosis
Published by Dr. David Warmflash 107 months ago in Health Conditions | +0 votes | 0 comments
Studies are now showing that the supplement SAM-e can heal liver damage from certain liver diseases and is good for liver health.
Published by Sam Montana 109 months ago in Health Conditions | +28 votes | 10 comments
According to a medical doctor the liver is one of the complex and important organs in your body, and perform heroic tasks everyday to keep you in good health. It is described as a virtuoso among organs because hundreds of different jobs are done for us by our more.
Published by Jessie Agudo 109 months ago in Health Conditions | +9 votes | 4 comments
Imbalanced diets and unhealthyamount of nutrients can lead to many health issues and sufferings in life. eating habits y, high blood pressure, malnutrition and diabetes. Specifically, are the cause of many diseases such as heart disease, obesittaking in the improper
Published by chy99 111 months ago in Health Conditions | +16 votes | 15 comments
A mutated strain of fungus is attacking even healthy people and can be deadly.This fungus does not spread from person to person But via spores that we breathe in as they float in the air.
Published by Jamie Myles 112 months ago in Health Conditions | +3 votes | 1 comments
Syndrome X is also called the metabolic syndrome and it is something we need to be aware of. Here are the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.
Published by Sam Montana 115 months ago in Health Conditions | +8 votes | 7 comments
To prevent malaria, in 1988 the World Health Organization, an agency of the UN, created a program to reduce the cases of malaria across the world
Published by CRAZY_ME 120 months ago in Health Conditions | +4 votes | 0 comments
100,000 people die from blood clot related causes in The U.S. each year
Published by Jamie Myles 121 months ago in Health Conditions | +3 votes | 0 comments
Nothing like a good cup of coffee once in awhile. But everyone has gone overboard with their caffeine consumption. What are the effects of too much coffee and caffeine.
Published by Sam Montana 127 months ago in Health Conditions | +8 votes | 6 comments
Published by Jen Frank 128 months ago in Health Conditions | +3 votes | 1 comments
Published by April Josephine C. Evans 129 months ago in Health Conditions | +0 votes | 2 comments
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